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What are the Most Common Types of Ants in St. Louis


If you live in St. Louis, Missouri, you may have encountered different types of ants at some point. Ants are common pests that can invade your home or garden, causing annoyance and potential damage. Understanding the different types of ants in St. Louis can help you identify and deal with ant infestations more effectively. Here are some of the most common types of ants found in St. Louis:

Carpenter Ants:

Carpenter ants are large black ants that can cause significant damage to wood structures. They do not eat wood but excavate galleries to build their nests. If you notice sawdust-like material or hollowed-out wood, you may have a carpenter ant infestation.

Pavement Ants:

Pavement ants are small brown or black ants commonly found nesting under sidewalks, driveways, and patios. They can also invade homes in search of food. Pavement ants are known for their characteristic unevenly shaped thorax.

Odorous House Ants:

Odorous house ants are small black ants that emit a foul odor when crushed, often described as a "rotten coconut" smell. They are attracted to sugary foods and can build nests in wall voids, crevices, and under floors.

Pharaoh Ants:

Pharaoh ants are tiny yellow or light brown ants that are notorious for their ability to infest buildings rapidly. They can nest in hard-to-reach areas, such as wall voids, electrical outlets, and appliances. Pharaoh ants are considered a significant problem in hospitals and healthcare facilities due to their potential to spread diseases.

Thief Ants:

Thief ants are very small ants that are light yellow to brown in color. They are called "thief ants" because they often steal food from other ant colonies. These ants can infest homes and contaminate stored food.

Fire Ants:

Fire ants are not as common in St. Louis as in southern states, but their presence is still possible. These aggressive ants have a reddish-brown color and deliver painful stings. Fire ant mounds can be found in sunny areas such as lawns and gardens.

Contact Professional Ant Control Today

If you suspect an ant infestation in your home or garden, it is essential to identify the type of ant correctly to implement the most effective control measures. While there are DIY methods available, it is often best to consult with a professional exterminator in St. Louis to ensure proper identification and safe elimination of the ant problem.

Preventing ant infestations can be achieved by keeping your home clean, sealing entry points, and eliminating potential food sources. Additionally, removing standing water and addressing moisture issues can help deter certain ant species.

Remember, if you are unsure about the type of ants you are dealing with or if the infestation is severe, it is always best to seek professional assistance.