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Possum Control

Possum Control in St. Louis, MO

Humane Possum Solutions for St. Louis County Homes

Possums may look harmless, but they can quickly become a nuisance when they make your property their home. These nocturnal creatures are known for their scavenging habits, often rummaging through trash cans and eating virtually anything they find. They can also cause significant damage to your garden or home and potentially pose a risk to your health. 

Paske Pest Control & Wildlife Solutions is here to help. With an established reputation for providing humane and effective wildlife solutions, we provide comprehensive possum control services to our neighbors throughout St. Louis County and the surrounding areas. Our possum solutions are designed to not only remove these unwanted guests but also help ensure they don't return, restoring the safety and sanctity of your home.

How to Spot a Possum Infestation

Identifying a possum infestation early can save you from potential damage and health risks. Long before these creatures make themselves visible, there are telltale signs of their presence that you can learn to keep an eye out for.

Signs that possums have invaded your property include: 

  • Damaged greenery: Possums are notorious for their voracious appetites and may ravage your garden, leaving behind damaged plants or crops.
  • Overturned trash cans: Possums often rummage through trash cans for food. If you notice your garbage cans regularly overturned or trash scattered around, it could indicate a possum's presence.
  • Missing pet food: Possums are not picky eaters. If you notice your outdoor pet food disappearing more quickly than usual, a possum might be the culprit.
  • Possum droppings: Finding possum droppings in your yard is a clear sign of infestation. Possum feces are typically large and cylindrical in shape.
  • Noises at night: As nocturnal creatures, possums are most active at night. During these hours, you may hear scratching, hissing, or scurrying sounds in your attic or under your home.

If you recognize any of these signs, it's crucial to contact a professional wildlife removal service like Paske Pest Control & Wildlife Solutions. We can help control and prevent further infestations, protecting your home and family.

If you have a possum problem, call our St. Louis possum removal and control experts at (314) 970-5378 to request same-day solutions!

How Can a Possum Infestation Be Dealt With Humanely?

At Paske Pest Control & Wildlife Solutions, we believe in using humane and environmentally friendly methods to handle possum infestations. Our approach is based on understanding the natural habits of possums so we can effectively exclude them from your property without causing them harm. 

We use safe possum control techniques like: 

  • Live trapping and release: Using specially designed traps, we can safely catch possums without causing physical harm. These captured possums are then released in designated wildlife areas, away from residential properties.
  • Exclusion techniques: We identify and seal potential entry points to your home using materials that possums cannot chew through. This blocks access, preventing possums from making their way inside your property.
  • Habitat modification: By eliminating food and water sources or making them inaccessible, we can make your property less attractive to possums. This includes advising on securing trash cans, removing pet food, and clearing fallen fruits.
  • Educating homeowners: We provide homeowners with guidance on how to maintain their homes and gardens to deter possums. This includes tips on compost bin maintenance, garden upkeep, and securing possible nesting sites.
  • Ongoing service: The best offense is often a robust defense. We offer a variety of service plans and perimeter care options that maintain your pest defenses and strive to ensure that possums don’t get anywhere near your home. 

Remember, the goal is to live harmoniously with all our wildlife neighbors, and that includes possums. By employing these humane control techniques, we can create a safe and comfortable living space for you while respecting the natural behavior of these critters.

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