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Hornet Control

Hornet Control & Removal in St. Louis


Have you noticed a large hornet nest on your property? Instead of trying to remove these aggressive insects yourself, call our team of professional hornet removal experts at Paske.

When you partner with our experienced team for professional hornet control, you can expect:

  • Same-day services when you call before noon.
  • A detailed inspection of your property to find all hives.
  • Open communication to ensure all of your concerns are addressed throughout the removal process.
  • Safe and quick removal of the hornet nest.
  • A preventative application to the area to ensure the insects don't return.
  • EPA-approved products that are safe for your entire family.
  • Our 30-day warranty, starting the day of the treatment.
  • Services backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

As part of our stinging insect control program, hornet removal is a one-time service. If you are looking for year-round, comprehensive protection, we encourage you to ask our hornet exterminators about our quarterly Complete Home® pest control program.

Are Hornets Dangerous?

Hornets can be considered dangerous due to their aggressive nature and potent sting. They are social wasps that live in large colonies and defend their nests vigorously. Hornets are known for their powerful stings, which can cause intense pain, swelling, and, in some cases, severe allergic reactions.

Additionally, hornets are capable of stinging repeatedly, which increases the risk of multiple stings and potential complications. While they play important roles in ecosystems, it is important to exercise caution and avoid disturbing hornet nests to minimize the risk of encountering these potentially dangerous insects.

What Do Hornets Look Like?

The most common hornet species found in Missouri is the bald-faced hornet, which can be identified by:

  • Size: Bald-faced hornets are relatively large wasps, with workers measuring about 0.5 to 0.75 inches (12 to 19 mm) in length, while queens can be slightly larger.
  • Coloration: The bald-faced hornet has a black body with white or yellowish-white markings on its face, thorax (middle body segment), and abdomen. The white markings on its face are quite prominent, resembling a mask-like pattern.
  • Body shape: Bald-faced hornets have a stout and robust body. They have a segmented abdomen, with each segment narrowing toward the end, giving it a tapered appearance.
  • Wings: Like other hornets, bald-faced hornets have two pairs of transparent wings that allow them to fly.
  • Sting: Bald-faced hornets possess a potent sting, and their stingers can cause pain, swelling, and discomfort if they feel threatened or their nest is disturbed.

If you come across a bald-faced hornet nest, it is advisable to exercise caution and call professional hornet removal experts for nest removal to avoid potential stings and injuries.

What Do Hornet Nests Look Like?

Hornets' nests are generally larger compared to other wasps' nests, ranging in size from a tennis ball to a basketball or even larger. They have a rounded or oval shape and are typically located in elevated areas such as trees, shrubs, or the sides of buildings. The nest material is papery and gray or brown in color, made from wood fibers mixed with the hornets' saliva. Look for a single entrance or a few small openings at the bottom of the nest, where hornets enter and exit.

When identifying a hornet nest, it's important to exercise extreme caution due to the potentially aggressive behavior of hornets when their nests are disturbed.

Our Guarantee

Should pests persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you.

*Paske Pest Control & Wildlife Solutions reserves the right to determine if retreatment services are necessary.

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