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Carpenter Bee Control

 Same-Day Carpenter Bee Exterminator & Removal for the St. Louis Area & Beyond

Do you have a carpenter bee infestation? If so, time is of the essence as these small insects can cause significant structural damage. That's why we offer carpenter bee removal and control services in the St. Louis area.

When you partner with our team of experienced carpenter bee exterminators, you can expect:

  • Same-day treatment when you call before noon.
  • A free, detailed inspection of your entire property to find all entry holes and galleries.
  • EPA-approved products that are safe for your family and pets.
  • A residual insecticide that is applied using aerosol injection systems, compressed air sprayers, or dust application equipment depending on the unique situation.
  • Open communication to keep you informed throughout the treatment.
  • Complete carpenter bee removal, backed by our 30-day warranty.
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee, which includes free re-treatments as necessary*.

Our carpenter bee application is part of our stinging insect removal program and is a one-time service. For comprehensive protection and carpenter bee prevention, reach out to our team to learn about our quarterly Complete Home™ pest control program.

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What Are Carpenter Bees And What Do They Look Like?

Carpenter bees are solitary bees that are named for their nesting behavior, as they excavate tunnels in wood to create their nests. They have robust and stout bodies—while females measure about 1 inch in length and have a shiny black abdomen, males are slightly smaller with a yellow abdomen. Carpenter bees resemble bumble bees but have a hairless and shiny abdomen

Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

Carpenter bees have the ability to sting, but they are generally not aggressive and rarely sting unless directly handled or provoked. Female carpenter bees, which have stingers, are the ones capable of stinging. However, they are more inclined to protect their nests and may sting if they feel threatened or if their nests are disturbed. Male carpenter bees, on the other hand, are territorial but do not possess stingers, so they cannot sting.

What Makes Carpenter Bees Dangerous?

While carpenter bees are generally not known to sting, they can cause cosmetic damage and weaken wooden structures over time. They excavate tunnels in wood to create their nests, which can lead to unsightly holes and potentially compromise the integrity of the wood if left unchecked.

What Does Carpenter Bee Damage Look Like?

Carpenter bee damage can be identified through several visible signs. Here are some common indicators of carpenter bee damage:

  • Entry holes: The most noticeable sign of carpenter bee activity is the presence of entry holes in wooden surfaces. These holes are typically perfectly round and about 1/2 inch in diameter. They are often found on exterior wooden structures such as eaves, decks, siding, or fascia boards.
  • Sawdust piles: As carpenter bees excavate their tunnels, they push the wood shavings and debris out of the entry holes. This results in the accumulation of sawdust piles or "frass" beneath the holes. The sawdust is coarse and has a texture similar to that of fresh wood shavings.
  • Tunneling patterns: Carpenter bees prefer to tunnel along the grain of the wood. The tunnels they create can extend several inches deep into the wooden structure. Over time, these tunnels can weaken the wood and cause further damage.
  • Staining and weathering: As carpenter bee holes remain exposed, they can be subject to weathering and staining. The wood around the entry holes may darken, and over time, the structural integrity of the wood may be compromised.

Inspecting wooden surfaces regularly and looking for these signs of carpenter bee damage can help you identify their presence. If you notice signs of carpenter bee activity, you should immediately call a carpenter bee exterminator for appropriate management and control options.

What Attracts Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are attracted to specific factors that make an area enticing for nesting.

  • Untreated or unpainted wood surfaces, particularly those that are weathered or damaged, are appealing to carpenter bees. They seek out soft, unfinished wood for easy excavation and nest establishment.
  • Additionally, the presence of suitable nesting sites, such as existing tunnels or cracks in the wood, can attract them.
  • Carpenter bees also require access to nectar and pollen for nutrition, so the availability of flowering plants nearby further entices them.
  • Previous infestations can leave behind scents that attract new generations of carpenter bees.

How To Prevent Carpenter Bees

To minimize carpenter bee attraction, you can take preventive measures such as treating or painting wooden surfaces, repairing damaged wood, and providing alternative nesting options like bee houses. Regular maintenance and inspection of wooden structures can also help identify and address potential attractants for carpenter bees.

How Does Our Basic Package Work?

We will treat the inside and outside of your home to eradicate pest infestations and prevent new ones from occurring. See below to learn more about the details of this package:

  1. Webbing Sweep: We will check windows and doors, around utility boxes, light fixtures, outdoor storage areas, etc. to ensure these spaces are free from spider webs.
  2. Liquid Perimeter Treatment: We will spray or treat around the perimeter of your home by applying product where pests enter the structure, where they trail or crawl and hide, or where their nests are found.
  3. Granular Perimeter Treatment: We will apply a granular treatment on the ground surrounding the perimeter of your home.
  4. Indoor Treatments: We will apply appropriate treatments in various areas of your home that attract pests.

Our Guarantee

Should pests persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you.

*Paske Pest Control & Wildlife Solutions reserves the right to determine if retreatment services are necessary.

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