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Wasp Control

Same-Day Wasp Removal & Extermination in St. Louis

Are you worried about getting stung by wasps on your property? Let the wasp removal experts at Paske put your mind at ease with our safe and effective stinging insect treatment. When you partner with us, you can expect:

  • Same-day service if you call before noon.
  • A free, detailed inspection of your yard and property to find locate all wasp nests.
  • Open communication and helpful insight throughout the entire process.
  • Treatment and complete removal of active nests, if accessible.
  • EPA-approved products that are safe for your children and pets.
  • Preventative treatment of the area to prevent wasps from re-building.
  • A 30-day warranty, starting the day of the inspection.
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee, complete with free re-treatments*.

Our wasp control and removal treatment is part of our stinging insect program and is a one-time treatment. For recurring inspections and year-round protection from pests, consider enrolling in our quarterly Complete Home™ pest control program.

Are Wasps Dangerous?

Wasps can be dangerous due to their ability to sting and their potentially aggressive behavior. While not all wasps are aggressive, certain species, such as yellow jackets and hornets, can be more prone to aggression and are known to defend their nests vigorously. When a wasp perceives a threat, it may sting in self-defense, potentially causing pain, swelling, and allergic reactions in some individuals. Additionally, some people may be hypersensitive or allergic to wasp venom, which can lead to severe allergic reactions requiring immediate medical attention.

It's important to exercise caution around wasps, especially when encountering nests or in situations where they might feel threatened. If you have a wasp nest on your property or are dealing with a wasp infestation, it is advisable to call professional wasp exterminators from a licensed pest control service, like Paske Pest Control & Wildlife Solutions, for safe and effective removal.

How Do I Know If I Have Wasps?

To determine if you have wasps in Missouri, you can look for certain signs and observations, such as:

  • Visual sightings: Look for flying insects with a slender body, narrow waist, and noticeable wings. Wasps typically have smooth bodies and can vary in coloration, ranging from black to yellow, brown, or a combination of these colors.
  • Buzzing sounds: Listen for a distinct buzzing sound that can indicate the presence of active wasps nearby, particularly if you notice it coming from a specific area.
  • Nest activity: Watch for increased activity around certain areas, such as eaves, trees, shrubs, or the sides of buildings. Wasps may be seen flying in and out of their nests, especially during daylight hours.
  • Nest identification: Observe the characteristics of any nests you come across. Wasps build a variety of nest types depending on the species. Look for paper-like nests made from chewed wood fibers and saliva. They may be located in trees, shrubs, underground burrows, or other protected areas.
  • Foraging behavior: Wasps are often attracted to sources of food, such as flowers, garbage cans, or sugary substances. If you notice wasps frequently hovering around these areas, it could indicate their presence.

Remember, if you suspect the presence of wasps on your property or encounter nests, it's important to exercise caution and not disturb them. Wasps can become defensive and may sting if they feel threatened. If you require assistance in identifying or dealing with wasps, consider consulting one of our wasp removal experts for safe and effective management.

What Attracts Wasps To My Property?

Many things can cause stinging insects to be drawn to your yard, including:

  • Food sources: Wasps are attracted to food, especially sugary substances and protein-rich sources. Open garbage cans, uncovered food, ripe fruits, sweet beverages, and even pet food left outdoors can all attract wasps.
  • Floral attractions: If you have a garden with blooming flowers or flowering plants, it may attract certain types of wasps seeking nectar as a food source.
  • Insect activity: Wasps are predators and are drawn to areas with abundant insect populations, meaning if your property has a high number of flying insects, such as flies or other small insects, it can attract wasps that prey on them.
  • Water sources: Like many other insects, wasps need water for survival, meaning they will be attracted to birdbaths, pet water bowls, open containers, or any other standing water sources.
  • Shelter and nesting sites: Certain structures or features on your property can provide suitable nesting sites—this can include eaves, tree branches, sheds, or hollow spaces. Once wasps establish a nest nearby, they will remain in the area to protect and maintain their colony.

How To Prevent Wasps

To reduce the attraction of wasps to your property, consider taking the following measures:

  • Keep garbage cans tightly sealed and clean up any food or beverage spills promptly.
  • Limit outdoor food consumption and cover or secure food when dining outside.
  • Manage insect populations through proper pest control methods to reduce potential prey for wasps.
  • Minimize standing water sources and ensure they are properly maintained.
  • Seal or repair any openings or gaps in structures that may provide entry points or nesting sites for wasps.

Wasp problems can be difficult to prevent—however, many of our customers choose to continue service with our Quarterly Pest Control program to keep their home pest free.  Having a pest professional inspect your home at least quarterly is well advised.  During our quarterly service visits, we conduct a complete home pest inspection and perform any treatments as needed. This allows us to keep on top of any potential issues before they become a big and expensive problem for your family.

Our Guarantee

Should pests persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you.

*Paske Pest Control & Wildlife Solutions reserves the right to determine if retreatment services are necessary.

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