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As a pest control company that deals with infestations on a daily basis, we know a thing or two about pests. Check out our blog to learn more about the knowledge we've gained over the years.

Family Sitting Outside
Fall Aeration in St. Louis

Fall aeration is essential to lawn care in St. Louis County due to the region's hot and humid summer climate. Aeration helps promote healthy root growth by allowing water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil.

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Gray squirrel eating a nut
Squirrels In The Attic in Missouri

What happens when squirrels get into your attic? They cause damage, they chew wires, and they leave behind droppings everywhere. If you don't want them to ruin your home or business, then you'll need to take action.

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Carpenter Bee
Carpenter Bees in Missouri

Carpenter bees look like typical bumble bees but often lack yellow stripes and their abdomen is largely bare and shiny. This type of stinging bee gets its common name from its habit of boring into wood.

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